Mary T Duggan’s poem sparks family memories of the Kitcheners greengrocers at 103 Chase Side

Enfield Poets Mary T Duggan

Mary Duggan’s poem Mrs.Kitchener has inspired memories of the Kitchener family greengrocers store at 103 Chase Side and their market stall which was on Enfield’s historic Market Square.

Delores Kitchener married into the Kitchener family and lived in the house next door to the Kitchener greengrocers. She has written to tell us “great memories and stories of home deliveries on the ’round’ by the horse and cart are still reminisced by the family.”

“I’m sure there are many locals who have fond memories of Kitchener greengrocer’s in Chase Side from many years back. Not only from the shop but also the market stall in the Town, held by the family for many decades. (200 years, I believe in fact) It was run by my husband’s uncles, aunts and cousins and descendants until about 10-12 years ago.”

The Enfield Poets are delighted that the Enfield In Poetry Map is connecting local people to their memories, their families and their community.

Mrs.Kitchener a poem by Mary T Duggan
Mrs.Kitchener by Mary T Duggan

The Enfield Society have charted the beginnings of the Kitchener greengrocer business in their pamphlet Enfield Town 1870 – 1914. In the pamphlet they tell us that the “Kitchener’s greengrocers began in Brigadier Hill before opening a stall towards the western end of Church Street. On Saturdays they had a stall in Enfield Market. Vegetables, nuts and fruit, including bananas from the Canaries and oranges and tomatoes from the Spanish mainland were sold. In this 1909 photograph Florence and James Kitchener, children of the proprietor, are shown with Alf Chidley standing next to Florence. Mr Kitchener, who ran three pair-horse vans, would leave for Spitalfields Market at 4am and the stall would be open between 10am and 8pm. In 1911 the Kitcheners left Church Street to move to a shop in Chase Side”

Kitchener family greengrocer Market Stall on Church Street, Enfield 1909

Delores Kitchener is a well known and popular artist in Enfield and is a member of the Enfield Art Circle. She calls herself an “Urban Sketcher” and has sent us this gorgeous sketch of houses on Gentleman’s Row.

Gentleman’s Row by Delores Kitchener

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