meet the poets

Timothy Adès

Timothy Adès is a rhyming translator-poet. He has books by Robert Desnos (2), Jean Cassou (2) and Victor Hugo, and awards for translating these French poets. From Spanish, he has a book by Alberto Arvelo Torrealba and an award for Alfonso Reyes (book coming). Other favourites are Brecht and Sikelianós. Loving by Will is Shakespeare’s 154 Sonnets with Timothy’s versions alongside, never using letter E.

M. Anne Alexander

M. Anne Alexander was a Lecturer in English and still teaches Music. She won a poetry prize while studying for her PGCE at King’s College, London, but she really only recently turned to writing poetry, when she joined the Enfield Stanza Group and Enfield Poets. So far, her poems have been published in Poetry Space and their pending Locked Down anthology, also in three local newspapers. Her poetry is rooted in contemporary issues, exploring relationships between us and our natural and spiritual worlds.

Allen Ashley

Allen Ashley is an award-winning editor, writer, poet, singer and songwriter. He works as a creative writing tutor with five groups currently running across north London including the advanced science fiction group Clockhouse London Writers. As a poet, he has been a guest reader at Torbay Festival, Salisbury House Poets, Ware Poets, Ver Poets, Torriano Poets, Worthing Museum and The Poetry Café. He was the co-host, with Sarah Doyle, of Rhyme & Rhythm Jazz-Poetry Club at Enfield’s Dugdale Theatre.

Deniz Besim

Deniz Besim enjoys writing short-stories and poetry.  She has currently published two poetry books, The Sky That Calls and The Valley That Calls and a collection of short stories. Deniz used to teach creative writing and now volunteers as a librarian in Enfield. She likes writing narrative poems, and has explored this through pantoums, sonnets, villanelles and sestinas. You can see more about Deniz’s writing here:

Michael Brett

Michael was born in Accra, Ghana in 1955. He was educated in England at Cranbrook School and the University of Reading, where he read English. During the war in the former Yugoslavia he worked in the press department of the government of Bosnia-Herzegovina. He worked in the City of London for over ten years, has a background in financial journalism, and continued to write throughout that period. His collection “Tomorrow It Will All Run Backwards” was published by Two Ravens Press in 2015. As well as other awards, he won two major awards in London.

Jayne Buckland (Dec 12th 1956 – Jan 26th 2021)

A long time member of Enfield Poets and staunch supporter of poetry and the arts in Enfield especially when she was Mayor of Enfield in 2010 where she introduced poetry into the council chamber. Singer, Artist, teacher, poet Jayne was multi-talented and a ferocious campaigner for what she believed in.

Maggie Butt

Maggie Butt is an ex-journalist and BBC TV documentary producer, turned poet. She has published five poetry collections and a novel. Her most recent poetry collection is Degrees of Twilight. Previous collections were the illustrated, themed books Sancti Clandestini – Undercover Saints and Ally Pally Prison Camp, pocket-size poems Petite and first collection Lipstick. She is an Advisory Fellow for the Royal Literary Fund and an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Middlesex University where she’s taught Creative Writing since 1990.

Valerie Darville

After leaving school at 16, Valerie returned to education later in life and obtained a B.A. (Hons) in English with Historical Studies from Hertfordshire University and an M.A. in Gender and Society from Middlesex University. Together with her husband, Anthony Fisher, and the now late Jane Elder, she founded the Enfield Poets (formerly Salisbury House Poets) which they still run.
Valerie has been published in magazines and anthologies and been placed in many competitions, including the Bridport (twice). At the Dugdale Theatre the Enfield Poets have hosted four shows featuring their own poets, Carol-Ann Duffy, Andrew Motion and Ruth Padell. Valerie have also given talks on subjects ranging from Angels to the girls’ school story, a genre in which she has an interest as a reflection of the movement for the education of women.

Mary Duggan

Mary Duggan’s Irish influences are obvious or undercurrent within her often lyrical sensual pieces. In the alchemy of poetic form, she tries to develop raw perception and explore the sensuality in nature and life. At present working she is working on a North London public exhibition. An active member of Enfield Poets and Stanza and Enfield Poets workshop, she has exhibited locally at the Dugdale Theatre, been published in anthologies and is an active reader both by invitation at Civic events and poetic groups as well as pubs.

Queen Elizabeth I (1533 -1603)

Queen of England and youngest daughter of Henry VIII by his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Famously known as the Virgin Queen due to her refusal to marry, Elizabeth was a highly educated and accomplished scholar and poet. As a child she spent long periods with her younger brother at Elsynge Palace at Forty Hill. One of her first acts as Queen was to re-establish the Protestant Church which had been disallowed by her elder sister, the catholic Mary I, daughter of Catherine of Aragon. The Elizabethan Age saw the flowering of English drama with playwrights such as Shakespeare and Marlowe.

Anthony Fisher

One of the founders, together with his wife and the late Jane Elder, of Enfield Poets, Anthony has been writing poetry since 1998 and has made frequent appearances at the Dugdale Centre, most notably alongside Carol Ann Duffy and Andrew Motion, as well as at other poetry venues around London. He has also performed with the jazz band, Special Edition. His pamphlet, The Reek of Alchemy, was published recently and features poems that reflect his other life as an industrial chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.  Perhaps most of his work is based on personal experience, childhood and travels both for work and holiday. Themes range from street scenes in Dubai to the industrial heritage of Enfield.  Ohers are inspired by early Egyptian and Sumerian poetry especially that of Enheduanna the first known poet writing in Sumer about 2300 BCE. Anthony tries to place the reader right at the heart of every poem with detail and almost tactile imagery- he like to paint a picture with words.

Ruth Hanchett

Ruth Hanchett began to write poetry after retirement, inspired by observation of people and herself and joined Enfield Poets, the Poetry Society, Palmer’s Green Stanza Group, Second Light and the British Haiku Society.  She has been commended in competitions, won third prize in the Barnet Competition 2014 and first prize in the Segora Competition in 2016.  Some of her poems have been published in journals and anthologies such as Artemis, Acumen and The Book of Love and Loss.  She launched her debut pamphlet Some Effects of Brilliance in October at the Enfield Poets’ Evening of Poetry.

Janet Hatherley

Janet Hatherley lives in Enfield and is a special needs teacher.  She has had poems published in several magazines including The Interpreter’s House, Under the Radar, Stand, Coast to Coast to Coast, Brittle Star, Poetry Village, Spelt, Green Ink and Dust.  She was shortlisted in Nine Pens Series Anthology and Maytree’s Three Trees Portfolio Award, 2021.  

King Henry VIII (1491 – 1547)

In common with the nobility of the time King Henry VIII was an accomplished poet and composer. However, he is best remembered for having six wives in his continual quest for male heirs and being the author of the English Reformation. This came about by Pope Clement VII’s refusal to allow the annulment of his marriage to his first wife, and widow of his elder brother, Catherine of Aragon. Henry owned palaces in Enfield and often hunted in Enfield Chase which covered a huge area. His palace, Elsyng in the grounds of Forty Hall, was a large as Hampton Court. He was succeeded by his 9 year old son, Edward VI, by his third wife, Jane Seymour..  

Sonia Jarema

Sonia Jarema is a second generation Ukrainian born in Luton. Her poems have been published in Envoi, South Bank Poetry, South, The North, Stand and Interpreter’s House as well as being commended or shortlisted in various competitions. Her novel was longlisted for Penguin Random House WriteNow program 2016. Her debut pamphlet Inside the Blue House is available from

Terry Jones

Terry Jones is a member of the Enfield Stanza group and of Ver Poets. Over recent years he has given lectures and led workshops on poetry in Barnet and St Albans.
He has judged a number of poetry competitions on behalf of Rennie Grove hospice, Ver Poets and Preston poets. His own work has been long-listed in a number of national competitions including Newark Writers, Norwich Writers, Salopian poets, Poetry Kit, Barnet Open, Ver Open, Enfield Open.

John Keats (1795 – 1821)

One of the early Romantic poets who was born in London and, in 1803, sent to John Clarke’s school in Enfield. The school was on the site of Enfield Town station and was surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchards. Here Keats would have heard the nightingale which later inspired one of his six great Odes and also his poem To Autumn. In 1810 he was apprenticed to an apothecary in Church Street, Edmonton and in 1816 became a medical student at Guy’s Hospital which he gave up to devote himself to poetry. In 1821, and suffering from consumption, he moved to Rome with his friend Joseph Severn, where he died. He is buried in Rome with his own inscription “Here lies one whose name was writ in water” believing his poetry would be forgotten.

Heather Lawrence

Heather Lawrence was born in Durban, South Africa in 1949, has lived in London since 1951 and in Palmers Green since 1965. She is a qualified secondary school teacher, and was a manager in the National Health Service for 28 years. She is community minded and has carried out voluntary work in the Borough for the past 37 years. Heather has been writing poetry for the past 58 years and also paints and composes songs from her poems. The latter can be heard on the website soundcloud (her username is Fuchsiaone). A keen amateur photographer, she was a member of Southgate Photographic Society specializing in floral photography and has exhibited her photographs.

Stuart Laycock

Stuart Laycock studied Classics at Cambridge and then became a writer and creative in advertising, marketing and telecoms. For a while he worked as a volunteer aid worker during the war in Bosnia. Now a historian and author. He has two published volumes of poetry – Zone, Poems of the Bosnian War and The Roman Empire in 100 Haikus.

Cheryl Moskowitz

Cheryl Moskowitz is an award winning poet, playwright translator and novelist. Her debut poetry collection is The Girl is Smiling (Circle Time Press). From 2014 – 2017 she pioneered a ground-breaking residency as ‘Highfield Poet’ at Highfield Primary School in Enfield. Her poetry collection for children Can It Be about Me? published by Otter-Barry books at Frances Lincoln has been described as ‘A wealth of carefully observed and recollected vignettes of childhood experience: funny, poignant, angry and hopeful by turns.’ ‘A gem of a collection’.

Keith Mowatt

Keith Mowatt

Local poet Keith Mowatt’s poem Our River Lea features on the Our River Lea Poetry Trail, a community heritage project connecting Angel Edmonton to Meridian Water, and the River Lea beyond. Local architects Fisher Cheng are collaborated with residents group REACT to bring the project to fruition.

Alan Murray

Alan Murray has spent most of his adult life studying and teaching philosophy. Alongside his research and writing on philosophy, Alan is also a poet. His debut poetry collection, Perhaps, was published by Acumen to glowing reviews. He is also one of the organisers of Enfield Poets at the Dugdale Centre, and co-ordinator of the Enfield Poets stanza group. In addition, he hosts workshops a and teaches a regular creative writing class for poets.

Vicky Olliver

Vicky began writing poetry seriously in 2006 following a knee injury which kept her off her feet. She became a member of Highgate Poets in 2010 and contributed consistently to their biennial anthologies. She writes now under the umbrella of Enfield Poets. Her first poetry pamphlet, ‘A Handful of Clouds, Darkening,’ was published in 2016 by Rafael Q Publishers. She is a Buddhist and enjoys yoga, gardening, reading, good food and walking in nature.

Peter Padwick

Peter Padwick MBE, MEd, LRAM (Failed 11+) born Reigate 1929, National Service 1948 & stayed in the RAEC until 1962. He returned to teaching until becoming Principal of Theobalds Park College (just north of Capel Manor & Forty Hall) for 20 years. Retiring & spending many years lecturing, performing & running Murder Mystery Weekends all over Britain. Member now of the local poetry & book clubs.

Bernard Puckett

Bernard Puckett performs his own poems and songs on ukulele. He moved to London in 1981 and has been a resident performer at The Islington Folk Club. He now performs in Enfield, hosting nights at the Little Green Dragon. He volunteers at the Ruth Winston Centre where he leads the RUG, Ruth’s Ukulele Group. He has had a varied career in entertainment and had his poetry published in 9 of his own books and numerous magazines and had his lyrics to “In Paris” recorded by legendary French rock band Telephone/Les Insus. He recorded the album Random Numbers with cellist Kathryn Locke.

Katherine Stockton

Katherine Stockton is a poet and playwright from Wales, currently teaching in North London. She is the 2020 Snoo Wilson Writing Prize Winner. Her poetry can be found at Frontier Poetry, Ink, Sweat & Tears and in the Like The Sea I Think anthology, and more. Her plays have been performed at The Maddermarket Theatre, Courage Festival, The Garage Theatre, UEA Drama Studio, Pontardawe Arts Centre and more.

Christine Vial

“East-end baby-boomer: still writing, still revolting.” I have now lived in Enfield for many years where I teach Literature and Creative Writing and am an active member of Enfield Poets and Poetry in Palmers Green. My writing voice has been described as having a distinctive urban earthiness, sometimes wryly funny. sometimes chillingly bleak, and I aim at being engaging and challenging in what and how I write. I’ve been published widely and been a prize-winner/short-listed in many competitions and my debut pamphlet is: “Dancing in Blue Flip-flops” (Rafael Q publishers 2018). I enjoy performing my work in venues as diverse as a church (for the Big Green Fair), the backroom of a pub and (a rather chilly) Enfield Library Green.

Karina Vidler

Karina Vidler’s poetry has appeared in Prole Books’ collaborative collection Caboodle, and in the magazines Between the Lines, Equinox, 14, Orbis, The North, Prole, South and South Bank Poetry. Karina’s poems have been published in the anthologies Ordinary Magic (Poets Unlimited), Genius Floored (Soaring Penguin Press), Seeking Refuge (Cinnamon Press) and Journey to Crone (Chuffed Buff Books). Karina’s short story Bedtime Drink was placed in the Prole Books Prolitzer Prize 2015. Karina is a member of Enfield Poets.

Steve Edward Wild

Enjoys writing poetry and has written poems on many different topics. Some are nostalgic, some comedic, sad, reflective and poems about life and the world around us. Steve has been concentrating on writing poems that rhyme, as he enjoys reading poetry by well known poets that write these types of poems. Song lyrics and the many different songs that he likes all contribute to his interest in reading and writing rhymed poetry. A poet who writes about life and the world around him in a flexible kind of way.